Plastic Surgery In Tunisia


Medical services represent 4 % of the Tunisian exports. This shows both the growth and the success of an industry that relies on more than 120 private clinics. But quality is better than quantity that s why Med Espoir has developed a support infrastructure based on the high quality management principles so as to satisfy the patients’needs.

  • Say what we do
  • Do what we say
  • Check that what we have said is done

All our teams are trained to this principle. Counselors gather and give your cost estimate requests to the two surgeons who will operate you once you arrive for a Plastic surgery in Tunisia

To meet this principle recommended by quality offices, Med Espoir sends you a cost estimate which details the proposed price and the different steps of your treatment in Tunisia. Once there, we validate with you the successful completion of each step of the indicated services. It is our commitment to satisfy our patients’ needs.

An assistant takes care of you during your stay and at your arrival at the clinic and then at the hotel. After your departure, a consultant calls you to make sure you are satisfied with both the medical and the tourist services.


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