Otoplasty In Tunisia

Otoplasty med

Why you might consider Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a highly individualized operation. Most people seek ear surgery after having had some unpleasant experiences of coping and dealing with the shape or size of their ears.

Young people often suffer the most, and parents may push for their children to have ear surgery as early as possible in life. Parents would be wise to wait until their children are conscious of the issue and are certain they wish to have the procedure. Children who are keen to have corrective surgery will feel happier about the result and be more willing to have the operation. Parents need to ensure their child’s best welfare is at heart.

As with most cosmetic surgery, ear surgery is ideal for people with a mature outlook; in the case of children or adolescents, this means individuals who are aware of the issues and their options and are happy to have the procedure. One must consider their self-image, self-confidence and the likely comments of family and friends positive or negative made after surgery.

What an Otoplasty can do

For the most part, otoplasty is concerned with “pinning” back the ears by removing skin, removing cartilage, or both. The aim of ear surgery is to give your ears a positioning and size that is a normal as possible, in keeping with your other facial characteristics. Generally, ears protrude around 15 degrees from the scalp (up to a 2cm protrusion from the head is considered within “normal” bounds).

The procedure corrects:

  • Protruding ears
  • Lop ear when the tip of the ear appears to fold down and forward
  • Cup ear, an usually small ear
  • Shell ear the curve and natural folds and creases are missing
  • Elongated or stretched ear lobes
  • Excessive creases or wrinkles in ear lobes
  • Part of ears that are missing from birth or injury

What an Otoplasty won’t do

Otoplasty is best thought of as a corrective procedure able to enhance your appearance, but there are no guarantees. It is generally a highly successful operation and rarely does the outcome disappoint. However, as with all cosmetic surgery, it is impossible to tell before operating how a person’s ear will reshape and heal, and there is a small chance that corrective surgery might be required.

The surgeon perform by making the incision behind the ear so in most cases the scar will be hidden.


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