Dental Veneers In Tunisia

A brilliant and natural teeth is now possible with dental veneers pose that is primarily used to hide discolorations and formal imperfections.
The Dental veneers that you will put in Tunisia will be used to correct defects occurred following incidents of the enamel growth or to change the length of the teeth.


Used products

Zirconia dental veneers are thin ceramic shells that cover the teeth and which mainly respond to the aesthetic requirements. They can be partial when only deploy to the front of the tooth or when they completely surround the surface. These ceramic veneers are custom molded.

Veneers placement

Laying the Veneers requires prior preparation of the tooth that must be performed under local anesthesia. The application of a numbing gel foregoing anesthesia.

A sampling of half millimeter of enamel is made by the dentist to prepare the location of the Veneers along with the print of each tooth.


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