Breast Reduction in Tunisia

Breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all plastic surgery procedures, yet proposed in Tunisia at a considerably cheap price. Many women are troubled by large or pendulous breasts. They experience daily shoulder, neck or back pain and may even have associated headaches. Bra-strap grooving over their shoulders is also common. Some patients suffer from rashes or infections under the breasts. The goal of breast reduction surgery is to alleviate your symptoms but to leave you with breasts that suit or fill out your frame to the degree of your choosing.

Breast reduction, a procedure that can be performed utilizing any number of techniques. You will meet with the surgeon for a thorough discussion of your concerns and goals. He will take a full history and perform a physical examination, will also answer all your questions and recommend the procedure that’s right for you. The incision pattern will either be a circle around the areola with a vertical extension (the “lollipop incision“) or a circle around the areola with a vertical extension as well as a horizontal incision within the crease under your breast (the “anchor incision“). The amount of reduction will be carefully considered and will compliment your existing body type.


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