The Iris Implant

This is a silicone iris implant designed for medical use. Ultra durable, this implant is artificial, colorful, very thin and of course compatible with the eye and its physiology after the establishment of the graft.
The surgery takes 15 minutes under general anesthesia. It involves making an incision of 2.8 mm in the cornea to insert a folded implant. The implant opens inside the eye, then the surgeon position it. Most patients can go home the same day.

kallelThe procedure takes 30 minutes, which is 15 minutes per eye. It is performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision of a few mm in the cornea in order to place the implant yet folded. The implant will then open to the interior of the eye and the surgeon ceases to insert it correctly.

Before the intervention

  • Preoperative consultation with the anesthetist to eliminate cons-indications.
  • Preoperative consultation with the ophthalmologist including a vision test and eye fundus.
  • It is necessary to stop wearing the lenses 3 weeks before surgery.
  • It is necessary to avoid the makeup 48h before the surgery

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