It corrects abnormalities of shape, size and projection of the nose, restores the straightness of the wall (making for people with a deviation a normal respiratory function) and the nasal bridge and changes the width and orientation of the nostrils (ethnic nose). This intervention is not achievable under local anesthesia outside minimal corrections on the tip or sides of the nose. The scars are usually invisible except for corrections of the point that leaves a scar on the tip of the hardly visible nose.

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Our clinic

Med Espoir clinic specializes in cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. Request your quote here:


Our mission

Med Espoir Clinic has always sought offering European patients, Tunisian, African and Middle Eastern an affordable plastic surgery.
This is why we practice primarily the most common and most requested interventions.

Highlight of what we do:

– Facelifts
– Blepharoplasty
– Rhinoplasty
– Anti-aging injections Medicine

– Liposuction
– Abdominoplasty
– Facelifts (arms, thighs, buttocks …)

– Breast augmentation
– Reduction (Lifting with or without implants, mastopexy …)
– Breast implants replacement
– Gynecomastia (specifically male breast reduction )

– Hymenoplasty
– Hymenorraphie

– Sleeve Gastrectomy
– Bypass
– The gastric band

Med Espoir has several advanced surgical units fully compliant with international standards for safety , hygienic and aseptic recommended for the reception of patients.
A large part of the clinic was ringfenced to provide comfortable and discreet welcome to the patients of aesthetic surgery.
All the dedicated rooms are large and equipped and able if necessary to welcome a relative to spend all or part of the stay with the patient.

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