Facelift In Tunisia

A face lift, is a popular cosmetic surgery treatment for smoothing sagging facial skin. A face lift tackles skin that has lost elasticity with age, and is ideal for men or women who are concerned with deep wrinkles and loose skin on the lower two-thirds of the face. The results can dramatically rejuvenate your face by tightening the skin and smoothing out wrinkles. We offer you this intervention at an affordable cost.

Anatomic areas

Face :

  • Forehead
  • Eyelids
  • Corners of the eyes
  • cheekbones
  • jowls
  • cheeks
  • Corner or the the lips
  • Naso-labial folds
  • Oval of the face
  • Neck


  • Sagging skin
  • Sagging muslces
  • Wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots

There are several type of facelifts each type of lift can treat one or more areas of the face. We can mention:

  • The forehead lift
  • The eyelid lift
  • The cheekbone lift
  • The oval of the face and the neck

Duration of the intervention:

The duration varies according to the type of intervention : between 1 and 3 hours.

Postoperative instruction

  • Pain : weak
  • Appearance : Oedema and some bruises
  • Care : Absorbable sutures, bandages are removed before leaving the clinic .
  • Rest : from 7 to 10 days

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